Your Life Tales

    Your Life is a Story: How Might You Tell It?


  Anne Middleton offers life storybook workshops, which use, as the starting foundation, the Guided Autobiography (GAB) story themes approach pioneered by noted gerontologist Dr. James Birren in the 1970s at the University of Southern California. Students also have the option of writing each week about a topic of their own choosing.

  A certified GAB instructor since 2011, Anne teaches in private homes in 

Lake Tahoe (summer/fall) and San Diego (winter/spring). 

  She will teach two 8-week GAB class in Tahoe Vista, CA, on Wednesday mornings, 10 am-noon (September 4 - November 6, 2019) and Wednesday afternoons, 3-5 pm (September 4 - November 6, 2019). No classes on September 18 or October 16.) 

  She will teach two 8-week GAB classes in La Jolla, CA, on Monday mornings, 10 am-noon (January 6 - February 24, 2020) and Monday afternoons, 1-3 pm (January 13 - March 2, 2020).

∙ During an 8-week Guided Autobiography (GAB)/Life Storybook I workshop, participants meet weekly for two hours. Classes include instruction to assist students with the weekly writing assignment. Traditional GAB story themes include key turning points; family; friendships; school days; major life work; family celebrations and holidays; historical times, vacations/travels, pets, and other topics. Students also have the option of writing each week about a topic of their own choosing. Each week, participants write a 2-page (or longer) story, which they read aloud during their next class. This confidential story sharing in a small group (no more than six students) is the heart of the GAB program. Stories, complemented with photos and other treasured memorabilia, become part of a legacy to share with family and friends -- in a paperback or hardbound book. No writing experience necessary.

∙ Anne also offers advanced, personalized Guided Autobiography/ Life Storybook (GAB II) workshops for those who completed the introductory GAB I course. Students are encouraged to take as many GAB II courses as they wish until they have completed all desired stories for their life story book(s).

For information about upcoming classes, contact Anne at: or 858-229-2140 (cell phone).