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“Life is filled with many

memorable stories, just waiting

to be told and shared."

Anne Middleton launched her personal histories business, Your Life Tales, in 2011 after a    40-year career in journalism, public relations, fundraising and teaching.

A certified Guided Autobiography (GAB) instructor since 2011, Anne teaches introductory and advanced Guided Autobiography/Life Storybook workshops at private homes in San Diego (winter/spring) and north Lake Tahoe (summer/fall). In earlier years, she taught GAB workshops at community centers in La Jolla, CA, and Laguna Woods (Orange County), CA.

After obtaining a master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism in 1987, Anne worked for several years as a newspaper reporter. Throughout her varied careers, Anne’s strongest passion was getting to know and write about other people's lives. Thus it was a natural transition for her in retirement to help others to write their life stories.

In 2009, Anne wrote her first life storybook, “Middie’s Memoirs,” which chronicled the life of her father, Arthur Warner "Middie" Middleton. The impetus for this book was a ledger her paternal grandmother used to track the family's expenses from 1930-1945. Subsequent personal histories include "Our 20 Kraemer Cousins -- featuring #2 Stevie Brennan"; “From Teacher Incognito to Fundraiser by the Sea,” which highlights Anne's job experiences from 1972-2011; and "Happy '85' Birthday, Ed (Barthold)." These books can be previewed at or on the "Samples" page of this website.

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