Your Life Tales

    Your Life is a Story: How Might You Tell It?


In addition to helping others write their life tales, Anne has self-published the following books about her family and friends:

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“Middie’s Memoirs" chronicles the life of Anne's father, Arthur Warner "Middie" Middleton. The impetus for this book was a ledger Arthur's mother used to track the family's expenses from 1930-1945 in San Francisco, CA.


"Our 20 Kraemer Cousins - Featuring #2 Stevie Brennan" 

documents cousins' special childhood and adult experiences. 

Cousin #2, Stevie, takes center stage in this collection of memories.

"From Teacher Incognito to "Fundraiser by the Sea," 

a book about Anne's varied careers from 1972-2011


Ed Barthold was like a second father to Anne and her two sisters 

after their Mom died at the age of 46. The book captures special times 

with Ed; his first wife, Carol; and second wife, Connie.